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Darth Vader Takes a Crap Part Two: The Coloring

If one aspect of art could capture the true nature of my indecision, it would be color. There are just too many colors, is the main problem. So when it came time to settle on which ones to use here, … Continue reading

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Rhythm and Fury

Once in a while, I make something so pants-soilingly cute that even I am taken aback by it. Isn’t it crazy how different this came out from the study? In this case, it truly almost hurts to even look at … Continue reading

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Darth Vader Takes a Dump (Part 1)

How long has the internet been around and no one has illustrated this yet? I am glad to remedy this terrible situation. Here, the mighty Lord Vader finds himself in a familiar turn of events, in what may or may … Continue reading

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The Joy of Acquiring Resources

Who doesn’t love finding things? I think we can all agree with the feelings of our plucky protagonist, the mummy, as he puts his hard work to good use. Wait, what is he doing again exactly? Well, in any case, … Continue reading

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A Drive in the Wilderness

  Hey, I drew another thing. This one was particularly inspired by the work of Todd Schorr, whom I will continue to emulate from now until forever. I finally got his book, Dreamland, because it was thirty percent off at … Continue reading

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Thank You Card Round Up

Well, my wedding was pretty incredible, and it was all thanks to my friends and family. So, friends and family, instead of getting the kinds of things you really deserve, you are getting these drawings. Or, well, one drawing apiece. … Continue reading

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Dancing Bunny Color Study

So here is a study for a painting that I promised my wife for her birthday back when she was still “just” my girlfriend. I guess we learn just a little more about the bunny culture in this one, but … Continue reading

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