Back to Work at the Worm Ranch


Happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2016 and I remember when we all thought the year 2000 was the distant future and we would all have rocket cars or whatever. How incredibly wrong we were. There are rocket cars, sure, but they’re incredibly dangerous! You can only drive them in the desert and even then you need a parachute.

One of my resolutions this time around is to be better organized, and lo and behold, my New Year’s blog post is only six days late! And the drawing itself is still only from late last year! These are big improvements, is what I am saying.

However,  life has very quickly gotten in the way of my ideals. For example, there is a clock radio three feet away from me that insists that the date is April 3rd. In line with my resolution, I went to fix it, but it turns out that the mechanism that adjusts the date is broken. This led to the following thought process:

The clock radio is broken, and also, I barely use the clock radio for any reason except glancing at the time. Do I throw away the broken clock radio?

The answer, it turns out, is no. I like the broken clock radio. And if you’ve ever wondered how simultaneously boring and indecisive an artist’s life can be, now you have an idea. I am currently writing about one of the most boring objects in the world that also happens to be a miracle of science, but you know, only if you appreciate it. Appreciate your broken clock radios, people.

Anyways, while I was on vacation, I drew this worm drawing thingy.


SCORE: A still-uncomfortably wrong reference to parsecs, which measure distance and not time. Yeah, I saw Star Wars and IT ALMOST MADE ME CRY THE WHOLE TIME because I’ve been waiting for a good Star Wars movie for so long it turns out. But you know, I needed a snarky thing here at the end. So to reiterate, you better believe that parsecs measure distance and not time. I’m sure J.J. Abrams threw that in just to make people like me crazy.


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