It’s only a little ironic that I find myself writing this post, a collection of material that is essentially an ode to cats, having suffered a poor night’s sleep specifically due to cats. What can you say about the furry little bastards that hasn’t already been said a hundred million different ways every single day on the internet? Nothing, that’s what. Which is why I made art about them instead.

Hey, have you heard about Cat Town? They are a non-profit organization in Oakland, California that rescues and rehabilitates cats and helps find them homes. They also run a cat cafe, where you can buy coffee and pastries and then go hang with some kitties for an hour or so. They also run a foster network, which is how I ended up adopting my cats, the ones who kept me up last night. Cat Town is great! And now some of my art is hanging up there.

All these things are going up for sale today! The theme is: Cats.

That one up there is called “A Meowican Gothic.” You may be surprised to learn that not only was that the best title I could come up with, it is literally the only thing that this could ever be named. I guarantee that if you sit down to try and think of a better title, you will be shocked to discover that nothing else is even remotely appropriate. I guess that’s what happens when you blatantly copy Grant Wood’s most famous painting and throw cats in it.

Is there more? Duh, of course there is. It’s a catstravaganza! Here’s a tiny little painting on watercolor paper.



Also, some comics! (Click to enlarge)


I even cleaned up one of my older comics, which you can see here.

Did I mention all these are for sale at Cat Town Cafe?

It is a whole group show thing, and I’ll be there this afternoon, and depending on how photogenic I am, there may even be some photographs that make their way onto the blog. That will mostly depend on whether a camera exists that won’t cause me to blink at the wrong time.

SCORE: A poor night’s sleep. But also: It’s an art show! That’s actually pretty good. 5/5


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