Sketchbook Time


You might not know the common theme that runs through this collection of drawings just by looking at them, but…

They’re all ink drawings!

Yes, I suppose that’s true, but I actually meant…

They all appear to be from the same sketchbook. Except that top drawing!

Yes, you’re right about that but you clearly peeked ahead. As I was saying…

That’s two common themes.

Yes, I guess it’s…

You should’ve said “One of the many themes.”


And you shouldn’t presume that people won’t see such obvious characteristics in this subject matter. How haughty of you!

I don’t think…

Of course you didn’t think! You never do!

I… apologize.

Well good. Thank you. You know, that’s a start.

I didn’t realize I was being so hurtful.

Well, you were.


Okay then.

I’ll try to work on that.

Okay. That’s good.

As I was saying, the common theme in this collection is that everything was drawn while enjoying a cocktail! So…

Oh, how novel.

Are… you being sarcastic?

I don’t know, am I?

Well…what, was that not a good enough theme for you?

You built it up so much, I thought it would be better.

I didn’t try to…

You must be the first artist in history to have ever drawn a picture in the presence of alcohol. How incredibly original of you. And look: little black and white sketches. Hold on, let me just put the entire art world on speed dial.

Well, I…

The phone’s ringing. Yes, hello. I have an artist here who draws little black and white sketches. Yes, but wait, it gets better. He also draws these sketches while he’s been drinking!

You know, I was going to say…

Oh my god, they can’t believe it. They’re sending a helicopter full of agents right now!

That’s not…

And three biographers! They all want to know how you managed to redefine art in the 21st century, when there is SO MUCH else that could they could be paying attention to instead.

I think I…

And oh my goodness, there are naked ladies rushing out into the streets! All for you, Chad! All for you!

Well, I was going to say also that my wife and I drew these together. We sort of go out on dates and pass the sketchbook back and forth for a bit, and we fill it up with drawings together.

Oh. Well, that’s sweet.



Here are the sketches!

WILL ANY OF THESE DRAWINGS BE DEEMED WORTHY ENOUGH TO IMPROVE UPON? STAY TUNED TO oh it looks like the Fart Judge one is already up on the previous post.

Also, thanks to Wonkette for inspiring the drawing at the top! They are my favorite political site, and one of my favorite websites in general, and their managing editors visited Oakland, and I met them and they are all SO nice! Viva Wonkette!

SCORE: 10/10  The best drawings ever. Will re-ignite an already thriving art market.


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