The Drunk, Left-Handed Cat Challenge!

Sometimes you are having a perfectly nice night, and a bottle of wine, or possibly even more wine than that, and you are suddenly overcome with the urge to compete. Such was the situation Quinn and I found ourselves in when we conceived of the great Drunk, Left-Handed Cat Challenge. It commenced as instantaneously as it was conceived, and lasted for more rounds than seems appropriate. And yet, for all of our efforts, we never really got an impartial verdict on who actually won this thing. So the only responsible thing to do was to scan the drawings, color them digitally, and then create the elaborate post you are now reading.

So if you are one of the two or three people who read this blog, you can vote on your favorite drawings and help settle this issue once and for all. Doesn’t that sound fun? It does, right? Where is everyone going?

The rules: Drink wine, and then, using the left hand, draw cats.

The players: Me (Chad) and my wife (Quinn).


A Simple Cat, Any Style

Quinn: Dreaming of Vittles

Quinn’s: Starting things off with a cat on heavy pain medication.

Chad: Pleading Eyes

Chad’s: Pleading eyes beg for your vote.


Sushi Cat!

Quinn: Can confirm she was playing fair for this one. Seems a bit too good though.

Quinn’s: I would trust this cat to make sushi for me.

Chad's: I do not trust this one at all, however.

Chad’s: I do not trust this at all. Why are you staring at me? How did I get here?


Cat on Rollerskates

Quinn's: Oh my god.

Quinn’s: Oh god, its eyes!

This cat is dashing away from the other one.

Chad’s: This cat is happy because he is dashing away from the other one.

But wait… Let’s get a closer look at Quinn’s drawing.



Oh dear god!


Cat and Fishbowl

You can see just how wildly creative we are by this point.

Quinn's: Those eyes...

Quinn’s: Its eyes again!

Chad's: Some extra color might help cover up this particular art crime.

Chad’s: Hmm, I’ll just color it until it isn’t bad oh no it’s not working!


Puss in Boots

Quinn's: Dashing to the rescue

Quinn’s: Despite the adorableness, that princess is not having it.

Chad's: There are boots sure, but it's all about the pants.

Chad’s: There are boots, sure, but it’s all about the pants.


A Cat Riding an Iguana

Quinn's: Probably the best drawing of a cat riding on iguana that yet exists on the internet.

Quinn’s: Probably the best drawing of a cat riding on iguana that yet exists on the internet.

Chad's: ...Or is it?

Chad’s: …Or is it?


A mermaid, but a cat. A mer-cat.

Quinn's: I won't lie, this one's pretty good. But...

Quinn’s: Yeah, you think this is pretty good. But…

Chad's: BOOM. Mic drop.

Chad’s: BOOM, mer-cat in your face!


“A Kitty Ascending Mt. Olympus”

It looks like the wine has kicked in by now, if it wasn’t apparent before.

Quinn's: This... seems pretty accurate actually.

Quinn’s: This… seems pretty accurate for a cat, actually.

Chad's: Less realistic.

Chad’s: Less realistic.


Business Cat

Quinn's: An instant classic.

Quinn’s: I mean, this one clearly wins.

Chad's: ...Unless Angry Business cat has anything to say about it.

Chad’s: …Unless Angry Business Cat has anything to say about it.


Arctic Kitties

Quinn's: Oh god, is this almost over?

Quinn’s: Oh god, is this almost over?

Chad's: Yes! There is only one more round to go!

Chad’s: Yes! This is the penultimate round, thank the Christ!


And for the last subject of the competition…

Neither of us remembers what this one was supposed to be.

Quinn's: Oh, it's like some sort of opera cat!

Quinn’s: Oh, it’s like some sort of opera cat!

Chad's: Or... Maybe... Hmm.

Chad’s: Or… Maybe… Hmm.


Aaaaaaaaaaaand…. That’s it! Did you think to count up the totals yourself? Because that’s probably the best way to find out who the winner is.

Or I will just post the results later. Please subscribe to my blog, or save a link, or just leave a tab open for a week or more and then hit refresh to learn whatever the final score is.

And remember: Friends always let friends draw drunk. Unless they’re ruining something nice that they drew earlier. Then you should always not let friends draw drunk. Unless they are purposefully drunk because they are an artist who draws real well, but then gets drunk and ruins his own art because… that’s his thing, in which case there are quite a few more rules to be aware of. I will be sure to publish those at a later date.

UPDATE: As of August 14th, 2015, Quinn is the winner by one round. But then, it is worth mentioning, she won most of those rounds by a wide margin, statistically speaking. Congrats to the victor! Let that be a lesson to all the other bloggers out there who think they are the best at drinking and then drawing cats with their wrong hand. There is an established champion out there now.

Thanks to all of you who participate in the voting! You have earned yourselves either an adult beverage, or a cat. Whichever is more convenient.


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3 Responses to The Drunk, Left-Handed Cat Challenge!

  1. Dawn Pieper says:

    1. LOVED this!! 2. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Quinn was left handed. 3. I can’t believe she dropped an F-bomb.

    • Invisichad says:

      Yeah, Quinn is better with her left hand than seems reasonable. And if not for her filthy mouth, this blog would be completely free of cussing (I think). But it was too good to not include.

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