The Topography of the Moon, Explained

Digital Painting: Use Responsibly.

Digital Painting: Use Responsibly.

“Cruisin’ on the Moon.” That should probably be the title of this painting. But for some reason I have named it “The Joy of Aqcuiring Resources.” What are the resources, you ask? Well, it has something to do with the floating dinosaur heads, obviously. Also, look, there is a squirrel burying pineapples, how much more symbolism do you need? Enough with the questions.

Actually, the real inspiration for this piece is a matter of historical record, but I do like to imagine that some of these strange things that blorp out of my brain (often, and particularly in this case, with a big assist) actually may contain some nugget of deeper meaning, however obtuse. Or else I am just a guy who likes to draw silly things, especially when a child thinks them up and then I get to take all the credit.

Aside from all that, it really is nice to look back and see that in the intervening years, I managed to gloss this drawing to a high sheen.

SCORE: A polishing cloth, and some polish; also: a pile of dinosaur heads


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