But... where did it get this technology?

I love the ongoing Twitter show that is #Sketch_Dailies, but I tend not to participate because my so-called “sketches” turn into hours-long feats of endurance which usually end up missing the deadline and don’t turn out very good anyway.  But today’s topic was so irresistible that I managed to churn this out in a couple of hours, which is still not quite a “sketch,” perhaps, but really, all the artists who say “Here’s a quick sketch I did,” and then post an outrageously detailed painting are LIARS. It was not “quick,” you scheming devils. It took you a whole dang while and you know it.

But whatever, painting is fun, and I daresay it’s more fun now that I’m out of school.

SCORE: One manatee spiraling out of control, into the stratosphere.


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