I Graduated Art School, Thank the Gods.

Hello Art Blog!

I have graduated from art school! Though you wouldn’t know it from reading this blog, I have been busy drawing and writing, and mostly not sharing my work with the world in any way, because what kind of artist would do something so narcissistic?

Oh… I’m being told that that is something that successful artists do all the time. And something  unsuccessful artists also do all the time. And that sharing your work is a cornerstone of being any kind of artist at all. Well, shoot.

Okay, fine then, here’s a thing I made from all the way last year:

True Scenes from History

Click for larger version!

And in the interest of actually posting some stuff about art on my art blog, and not just whatever weird ramblings pop into my head at the moment, I’m going to share the drawings that helped get me to this final composition!

Here is the original sketchbook drawing from which I based this composition.

My Sketchbook is normal. No, YOU shut up.

It’s fun to see it again because there are so many elements I wasn’t able to fit into the final composition. Perhaps a better artist could’ve found a way, or perhaps there is another painting in my future that can include the all-important “T-Rex carried away by a UFO,” and “floating squid” motifs. Also ships and oil wells, apparently.

Next comes the phase when I try and take some of these elements and create a more pleasing composition. However, this is essentially a blind panic, as you can see by the almost inscrutable scribblings that follow.

apocalypse_thumbs004_sm apocalypse_thumbs003_sm apocalypse_thumbs001_sm apocalypse_thumbs002_sm

It’s almost impossible to look at these now and see them as being helpful to the process, but they were probably the most important part. Trial and error, yo.

Finally, I worked out three versions that all seemed to have merit, and I stared at them for like, days.


When that didn’t help, I went to Facebook and asked people which ones they liked, and received a surprising number of well-reasoned opinions, but the one that finally convinced me came from a scientist, so to sum up, the creative process is completely baffling, and this image is 100% scientifically accurate.

SCORE: Two Paleozoic Eras, one Cretaceous Period, and a waffle.


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