Krang Roast

Smells like chicken!

In my usual habit of being about a month behind everything, it seems as good a time as any to post this Ninja Turtles-themed entry. I didn’t see the new Michael Bay-produced TMNT movie because:

1. The turtles looked weird.

2. The preview was cut in such a way that I didn’t trust the film not to suck. And…

3. Not enough Krang.

If there was ever a character more deserving of the Hollywood special effects treatment, I don’t know who it is. I can just picture his horrifying latex countenance, dripping mucus everywhere as his piercing black eyes reflect back only a hint of the awareness that he is situated in the cavernous hollowed-out torso of the most preposterously conceived mechanical man-suit humanly imaginable.

Until this glorious day is realized, here is a dumb drawing of Krang’s ambulatory man-suit-thing happily disobeying orders.

SCORE: Two boneless drumsticks


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