So Much Figure Drawing

There’s not much to say about these, other than that I feel sort of bad about how much of this blog has become devoted to so many boring figure drawings.

That is the thing about becoming an artist. You have to sit there and draw terrible figure drawings for YEARS before anything starts to resemble a proper human. In some ways, it’s actually discouraging to practice because you improve so slowly that you wonder if you have brain damage. But then, years of practice later, you can look at your most recent drawings and confidently say, “Well, it’s better than a few years ago. But it’s not better enough to prove that I don’t have brain damage.” And then you may continue to practice until you die, forever unsure of your neural health.

Everything you see here is either a 5, 10, or 20 minute drawing, with a couple 40 minutes thrown in there as well. Try not to go too crazy with excitement.

SCORE: A gigantic pile of broken charcoal pieces.


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