What is the art school version of studying? Drawing. What is the art school version of partying? Drawing instead of partying. What is art school? It is a drawing of a student drawing a picture of an art school… that is also drawing.

They say once you can draw that, you can draw anything. That is why every artist must draw this very scene before they are allowed to receive their diploma. But of course, in the world of art school, no one actually earns a diploma. Each student is given a blank sheet of crisp illustration board, inks, watercolor, a brush, a quill, and gold leaf, and in an hour’s time they must create a convincing forgery. This should be no problem by the time you can draw the Final Exam, of course. Some artists take the Final many times over, but once finished, you can easily forge an art school diploma. Especially if you have taken Diploma Forging 1 and 2 (offered concurrently).

I haven’t taken those classes yet so here are a bunch of study-type drawings.

folds_wk_5 hands001 hands002 hands003 hands004 wk_11_fold_study shoes_01 shoes_02 shoes_03 wk_13_20min heads_elderly_wk_08 wk_4_10_min wk_5_20_min still_life01_wk12 still_life02_wk12 still_life03_wk12 WK_8_20_min wk_12_hands_20min wk_11_Q_light_shadow wk_10_shadow_shapes

SCORE: Whatever my grades turned out to be!


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