Pig and Curtains

I wish I had an ounce of photography for when I have to take pictures of big, shiny paintings.

I wish I had an ounce of photography-talent for when I have to take pictures of big, shiny paintings.

I don’t know if anyone who is reading this is familiar with procrastination, but if you are on the internet, then yes you probably are, hello. Well, this painting represents an accomplishment of such astounding procrastination that words don’t do it justice, but I’ll try. I started this piggy painting long before I ever went to art school, got it about 85% done, and then didn’t touch it for years. I just left it on the wall with a lot of little problems that could be fixed really easily, for FIVE YEARS.

I finally snapped and now the painting is finished lo this half-a-decade later. But have I learned anything in all the years? Well, maybe it’s that finishing things is much more preferable than starting things, almost finishing them, and then never finishing them, ever.

On the other hand, my process has otherwise stayed the same in terms of “quickly draw a thing on a scrap of paper, laugh, and then do it all again on as big a scale as possible,” so that’s good.

And at five feet long, this really is a majestic painting. It’s hard to do it justice as an image on a screen. You sort of have to picture it taking up a good-sized chunk of wall space in a room. It kind of locks eyes with you, constantly demanding your attention. And it’s SO pink. You’d think it would be horrible, but god help me, I love it.

SCORE: Some piece of mind, one piggy at a time.


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2 Responses to Pig and Curtains

  1. Blue Cat Eyes says:

    The piggy is done!! The piggy is done!! Damn, I so love that pig. Happy to see it finished. You need piggy shirts now.

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