Ladies, Bunnies, and Monkeys

Ah, ladies and oil paint, is there a sexier combination of things? Probably. But it is a staple of oil painters to only paint beautiful women, and so far that is how my class is treating the process as well. It is certainly a better experience than the optional concurrent course: Men’s Dongs Up Close, Structure and Development in Oils, which is frankly not as interesting, and a little too anatomically specific to seem particularly useful in the real world.

Hey look, I also drew some other stuff. Here is a tattoo idea I had that didn’t quite pass muster, but I still like it, so I post it here now.

And a rough comic strip, wherein a monkey attends a job interview. I will actually be working more on this one, but I’ll probably just make it worse, so here it is all nice and rough around the edges.

The subtlety is almost… too great.
SCORE: Three and half flails, and a twist


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1 Response to Ladies, Bunnies, and Monkeys

  1. BlueCatEyes says:

    You make the most AWESOME bunnies. They’re almost too cute. I get all big eyed and awww faced any time I see one. And those little skull flies. OMG

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