Fun with Ink

As anybody who is around me enough to hear me complain about my back all the time, inking is not usually my favorite activity. It is very labor-intensive, with a lot of hunching and all that, where if you have a degenerative disc in your lower back (whoops!) you might end up going a little pain-crazy. However, I have to admit that I like the results of inking very much.

So, without any further ado, here’s the best thing I’ve made in art school so far:

That’s my friend Kris. His head is exploding. I think my favorite thing about it, besides the fact that it actually looks pretty much like him, is that it looks kind of reflexive, like a sneeze. I also love that I can’t tell if it’s anger or joy causing the reaction. Either way, I must confess that I can relate to this feeling myself, that moment when your brain just explodes out of your head.

Aaaand, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the rest of my inking exercises and assignments, just sort of plopped into my blog all at once, with absolutely no context:

And a bunny tattoo:

The bunny gets context.
SCORE: I actually had fun inking, so… a million points for Gryffindor.


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1 Response to Fun with Ink

  1. anitabot says:

    Oh my that bunny tattoo illustration is just the cutest! Love your work.

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