Guest Post: John Ryan: The Juggernaut

Sometimes, it is hard to describe how awesome something is. You can only look at it and allow it to seep into your eyeballs, and you can try to explain to people what you saw, but you will never really do it justice.

Well, John Ryan Schappert, age nine, has created something like this. A churning, swirling, monstrous ode to pure creativity, on a massive 18 x 24 sheet of paper. I spoke with John Ryan on the subject of this huge undertaking.

First off, John Ryan, welcome to the art world. Now that you have completed a drawing this large and intricate, are you ready to walk around in a striped shirt and a beret like the rest of us artists?

JR: Um… maybe not just yet.

It’s a great look though. Think about it.

JR: Okay.

So how long would you say you’ve been drawing for?

JR:  Since I was able to hold a crayon – since I was about 1 or 2.  I mostly wanted other people to draw for me until I was a little older though.  I started really drawing when I was around 4 or 5.

I started drawing young too, and used up all my good material early on. Don’t let that happen to you.

JR: I’ll try.

How long, would you guess, did this particular drawing take you?  

JR: About 12 hours total (8 sessions or so).

And how many monsters would you say are in this drawing?

JR:  About seventy-something.

That’s a reasonable estimate. Though, I actually counted them and there are about 55 or so, which is just enough of a misrepresentation to warrant an investigation, and maybe a trial. Do you have a good lawyer, John Ryan?

JR: Um… I don’t…

What about the monsters, do you have a favorite monster in there?

JR: I like Trolls because you can give them the best weapons.

I never thought of it like that. There is some crazy stuff in this drawing. Did you include any easter eggs?

JR: Yes. I did include an actual Easter Egg!

Oh yeah. I see it there between that toothy guy with the hammer (Tooth-a-tore) and the Easter Island head. It appears to be held by a robot tentacle arm.

JR: Yeah.

Have you ever thought about whether the vortex is sucking the monsters in or spitting them out?

JR: In… to vanish them.

Woah. Hey, I sort of forgot to ask you to think up a good title for this while you were working on it. Quick! Think up a title for your drawing in the next three seconds!

JR: The Juggernaut.

Hot damn. Anything else you want to tell the watching eyes of the internet?  

JR: Chad’s the best teacher EVER!

Aw dang, little man, just for that I am throwing up some more of your art, just in case people’s minds aren’t thoroughly blown enough by now. Let that be a lesson to you about the dangers of flattery.


Ah yeah.

SCORE: A million high fives.


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2 Responses to Guest Post: John Ryan: The Juggernaut

  1. Wow–what a creative mind! I love the guy in the mask. And “Juggernaut” is a great name for the big monster vortex!

  2. BlueCatEyes says:

    Love it. Great interview!

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