Darth Vader Takes a Crap Part Two: The Coloring

If one aspect of art could capture the true nature of my indecision, it would be color. There are just too many colors, is the main problem. So when it came time to settle on which ones to use here, I remembered that I could just try out a few different ideas and pick out the one I liked the best. And because this isn’t an art school assignment, I also remembered that I could do it all in Photoshop, and not say, on four separate pieces of illustration board in gouache or whatever the hell.

So, if you are an art-type person who has an immediate gut reaction as to which color scheme is best, let me know in the comments, or in the Facebook comments, or in smoke signal format. Whichever one I go with, the only certainty is that the finished painting will somehow look completely different anyway, as I slowly and painstakingly mix up the wrong colors on my palette, and then run out of paint and have to mix up the same color I had been using, only not get it quite the same, so I have to redo everything, and the whole thing takes way longer than you would ever believe.

SCORE: Two teams of two Darth Vaders competing in a three-legged race, to the death, where then the winners have to fight each other, also to the death, so that only one Darth Vader remains. And then he poops.


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2 Responses to Darth Vader Takes a Crap Part Two: The Coloring

  1. batraygirl says:

    I vote blue. It is just strikingly good.

  2. invisichad says:

    Thank you! I’ve decided I like the blue one best as well. Except for the green.

    Which I like better now.

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