Rhythm and Fury

Once in a while, I make something so pants-soilingly cute that even I am taken aback by it. Isn’t it crazy how different this came out from the study? In this case, it truly almost hurts to even look at this guy, happily dancing his ritual rhythms in the helmeted skull of his ancestors. Sure, the act itself may be deeply rooted in the tradition of the tribal practices, and these bunnies have nothing if not hard lives, but its just so fracking adorable that none of that really matters. Look at him.

Soon the paint will dry, and I’ll have this 18 x 24″ thing up on a wall somewhere that it will haunt me forever, because it is a gift for my wife. Happy Birthday, Baby! I hope the level of adorableness somewhat offsets the fact that it is eight and a half months late!

In other art news, I have not been practicing figure drawing at all since the spring semester ended, so I should probably start remembering how to draw things that aren’t stumpy cartoon bunnies and such.

SCORE:  A bushel of sugared carrot greens


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