The Joy of Acquiring Resources

Who doesn’t love finding things? I think we can all agree with the feelings of our plucky protagonist, the mummy, as he puts his hard work to good use. Wait, what is he doing again exactly? Well, in any case, the message of the drawing is crystal clear: Artists who spend all week shading things slowly with graphite should probably move on to other, more digital formats so they don’t waste all of their time coloring in a black sky that doesn’t even end up photographing well.

Have I mentioned that I am a children’s art teacher? Because this whole drawing is basically all out of a single eight year old’s talented brain. The conversation was basically this:

Me: I haven’t thought up anything nearly as crazy as that thing with the skull car in it last week. Any ideas?

JR: Um, remember that time you drew that brain car?

Me: Yeah.

JR: Well, draw one of those with a bunch of dinosaur heads coming out of it, with a mummy driving it. And there should be a squirrel burying pineapples, and a sheep tied to balloons floating around in the background.

Me: And the whole scene takes place on the moon! See, I have ideas too!

So thanks, John Ryan, for your contributions to the art world, and get ready for the barrage of phone calls any time I run out of things to draw.

SCORE: Ten or more layers of too-shiny graphite


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4 Responses to The Joy of Acquiring Resources

  1. Hoppy Bunny says:

    I love it so much!!!

  2. Amy White says:

    You are awesome, the black sky works well, i like it. PS – Tell John Ryan he’s a BAD ASS LITTLE KID!

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