A Drive in the Wilderness


Hey, I drew another thing. This one was particularly inspired by the work of Todd Schorr, whom I will continue to emulate from now until forever. I finally got his book, Dreamland, because it was thirty percent off at a used bookstore (the only possible way by which I will let myself have nice things) and his paintings have a way of burning themselves onto the insides of my eyes.

Something about the way he approaches his drawings really clicked with me, and so now I am just outright stealing his process of shading everything with graphite and then switching to a black color pencil for the darkest areas. When everything looks shaded right (and of course I’m noticing some spots that might want more attention, now that I am posting this) I can almost see the colors taking shape. So exciting! Now to just copy Todd Schorr’s impossibly amazing painting process as well, and I’ll be set.

Oh yeah, and: Special thanks to John Ryan for his help with this drawing. It certainly looks better with that flying brain there, don’t you think? I’m starting to think that a flying brain adds a touch of class to any scene.

Score: A month of surreal dreams involving cartoon conventions and freaky symbolism.


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1 Response to A Drive in the Wilderness

  1. Ken Collins says:

    Hey now that looks like fun.

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