Heads and Hands

I was going to title this post “OD’d on Girlscout Cookies,” because that also happened this past week. But this is an art blog, apparently, so I stuck with the extremely dry title for clarity’s sake. (I drew some heads and hands, is what I’m talking about here) Anyways, I’ll spare you the details of my overdose but rest assured that the pain was terrible and that Thin mints will never taste as good ever again, much like Tanquerey.

But I’m alive and kicking! And drawing, and flailing. I might even seem to be learning a bit too, through schooling. So much so, that I’ll reveal a deep, zen-like secret for drawing real good. Here it is. The Art Lesson of the Day:

(First astral project yourself into a nice Buddhist temple or something. That’s really important for this to work properly. Then picture just the oldest Asian guy you can, sitting in perfect serenity, and he hasn’t spoken in days after you asked him something like: Master Yamodo, What is the secret to drawing really, really good? And he opens his eyes and the room goes even quieter, so quiet you can hear ants farting, and he looks you right in the eyes and says:
You cannot draw what you cannot see.

Ooh! Do you get it??? He then also said:

Oh, and hands are kinda tricky

So that should make everyone feel a little better.

The End.

5 Min

3 Hours

5 Min

30 Min

2 Hours

SCORE: One candy-fueled nightmare.


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