One Hour Portraits

Isn’t it funny how my not-too-shabby drawings appear on such a scummy-looking website? Isn’t it almost as if I went out of my way to make this site look extra bad, on purpose? Well, yes, anyways, these drawings are not quite perfect you see, but they are not-too-shabby. It’s always been hard for me to get a drawing of a person to actually look like the real deal, but I think on these I’ve gotten about as close as I ever have.

Isn’t it funny that an artist that admits to never getting a likeness out of his models also spent one terrible summer as a caricature artist? (Oh god, I hope the people who shelled out for those terrible drawings have long since destroyed them in some sort of Druidic cleansing ritual, each and all of them. But they haven’t. The sheer amount of terrible drawings in this world with my name on them is hugely staggering. You might have a friend who was drawn terribly by me, or an ex-lover perhaps. Surely, right now in your aunt’s “drinking parlour” sits a terrible drawing with my name on it, framed, and kept for sentimental reasons that only barely outweigh the sheer incompetence of my drawing abilities. No amount of pleading will convince the universe to cause these drawings to not exist. They just are. Hundreds of drawings of people that don’t look a thing like them just floating around out there.)

But I guess these are pretty good. If I have to do one good drawing of somebody’s head for every terrible drawing, these wouldn’t put much of a dent in it, but hooray for progress!

SCORE: 8 out of 10 Likeness Points.

PRIZE: a used gum eraser


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