Kid Robot

A couple days before Christmas I received a blank Kid Robot figurine (Thanks Kelly!) and set to work on it immediately. I love Kid Robot’s simple, cute designs and so I sort of followed suit. Surprise! Yes, once again, instead of developing a thought-provoking or psychedelic idea, something strange that your eye wanders over again and again, that could pass for something you’d see in the art world, I made a little cave-monkey.

His name is Bam, because he came with a baseball bat. However, he can’t actually hold his bat because the paint rubs off when I try to jam the thing in his hand. So the little guy is sort of existentially screwed, forced to live in a universe where his only defining characteristic is the one thing he is denied access to, forever.

See how he contemplates his terrible existence.

I would paint dozens of these things. Working on it felt like a collaboration of sorts, between myself, and the alien space bunnies that design all of Kid Robot’s figurines. Perhaps this will become a Christmas tradition. When I’ve made enough of them I can hide them all over the place like Easter eggs, maybe.

Score: 7 out of 10 unbattered prey


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