Perspective is the first class I’ve taken that accidentally melted the eyes to the back of my head. Every week was a struggle of the purest kind: New information vs. my own brain’s ardent desire to remain as stupid as possible. I won’t lie, it got a little rough and tumble. I think knowledge won the battle, but at the end of the day I still look just like the guy at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie, and who wants that? Not people in the grocery check-out, it turns out.

Here are my favorite assignments from this class, in chronological order. If this were a more serious blog I might try and talk about all the different kinds of perspective and stuff, but let’s not fool ourselves. Get a pile of artists in a room and it’s still the last thing anyone wants to talk about. In fact, were it not for it’s incredible usefulness, I might have a word or two with Old Man Perspective myself.  Ugh, just hinting at the concept of it is boring me. This blog should probably be less about art and more about cats stuck in boxes, probably.

Score: Five out of ten cats stuck in boxes


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