Still Life Paintings

Since the entire purpose of a blog is to make frequent content updates, I guess I thought I’d “shake things up a bit” and not post anything for months on end. That’s how THIS GUY handles the very small amount of effort required to maintain a project of this nature. So what have I been up to? Besides training yaks to tap dance, I mean (Though that isn’t working out so good). Well I have been working my butt off on endless art school assignments of course. And though not quite done with this semester of indentured servitude, and I am very happy to procrastinate more, the time has come to dump a bunch of still life paintings into a sack and mail them to the internet.

Here they are, in the order they were painted in… with a few more to come later.


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2 Responses to Still Life Paintings

  1. Chuck says:

    Super awesome! Especially impressed with the glass and the pattern one.

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