Figure Drawings

I guess my plan to ignore this blog for the rest of time is not working, because here is an update! One of my main focuses this semester can be summed up as “screwing up not quite as often,” which is a tougher goal than at first it seems. Here are some of the better figure sketches I have done with this amazing new criteria in mind.

5 Minutes

10 Minutes

20 Min

The method for these timed drawings is: Forget everything and just draw. Also, DON’T SCREW UP. Overall, most everything I do goes straight out of my pencil and into the compost, but I can’t help but notice that the ones that don’t suck are actually pretty okay!

SCORE: 7 out of 10 drawings you don’t get to ever see


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1 Response to Figure Drawings

  1. Chuck says:

    These are so great! (Hey, I think I recognize that last lady….) Ahh I wish I was in this class with you!

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