Bunny Hunt

So this is my first-ever oil painting back from January. Slightly old news, but then again, if Dr. Who didn’t insist I post it now, I wouldn’t have. Actually, the real reason I’m uploading this is for a class assignment that asks what I would do to improve an old project after having taken a color and design class. A class that requires you to paint in blood and eat your own skin, and then maddeningly screech to the heavens that the color compliment is blue- green. A class where a painting is due every three to six days, and the grim reaper appears in my sleep, cackling and tap-dancing in his rainbow-striped overcoat, constantly pelting me with helpful tips.

Um. Anyways, here are some bunnies carrying off a big lettuce, to their immense satisfaction. It’s… painfully adorable, I know. I think if I were to change anything about this, I’d consider making the rope more of an off-white color, and make that shadow a little wider, and blur it at the top. Sigh. So many little flaws.


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