I finally have an opportunity to do something creative in my color and design class. So far all I’ve been working on is making value scales, coloring in pre-made designs, and other crap like that. I haven’t mentioned the class here on the blog, probably because I am too busy painting gouache swatches and making precise cuts and generally always being behind, plus I’m taking a creative writing class and oh my God this is so not interesting, stop typing and put up the pictures.

Okay, yes. So here are my drawings. One of these lucky masterpieces will become a gouache painting next week! A fact that would be more exciting if someone who was good with gouache was doing the painting. As it stands, I’ll be lucky not to ruin it more than four different ways. I’ll probably color it in Photoshop first, and then try to replicate it with paint, not get the results I want, and then wonder why I spent all that money on paint. Or maybe an angel or a fraggle will show up, or something, and save the day. Anything is possible!


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  1. Blue Cat Eyes says:

    As much as I love cats, I’d love to see the second one in color.

  2. Amy White says:

    Second one for sure :), i can’t wait till i see the final finished painted piece.

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