Hey, I painted a red robot. This was during a kid’s class using PRANG brand watercolors, so it is with equal amounts of pride and shame that I admit that it is still probably the best watercolor painting I’ve ever done. As an addendum to that, let me clarify that I have systematically thrown away hundreds of watercolor paintings because I am so bad at them, and this is literally the only one I’ve ever kept. So, it’s not like we’re climbing great heights here.

It’s usually said about watercolor that the unpredictability of it is what makes it so enjoyable, but that it also takes like, fifty years to get good enough to actually paint something that isn’t ruined by the time you finish. In this case, fortune smiled on me when my wreckless ways allowed a yellow paint droplet to fall right in between the robot’s pinchers. It created an eery fire, and from that moment on the thing became slightly too good to throw away. I added a little red-orange and made some flame-like areas in the background and BAM: Art good enough for the fuckin’ refrigerator (for a week or so).

I sometimes imagine fake job interviews where the only questions they ask are leading in such a way as to determine if I am a good enough artist. If they were to ever ask, “But, can you paint in watercolor?” I would immediately slam this bad boy on the table and cross my arms.

Normally on my blog, I might take something like this and spruce it up a bit. But I clearly don’t need to for this one. It’s done. The stains, the vacant emptiness of the robot, even as he holds the power of pure destruction in his hands. Why, there’s something for everyone here. And it only mostly looks like it was painted by a twelve-year-old.

GRADE: Almost, but Not-Quite Discarded. The Watercolor to Beat.


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