So, at a certain point (now) I’m going to have to just geek out about my Wacom tablet and write a ton of stuff that nobody’s going to care about because A. You are not an artist B. You are an artist and you know all this stuff already, or C. You are an escaped monkey with advanced intelligence and only minutess to spare before the scientists find you and you are at the wrong website. (Just run, monkey!) Regardless, there is just so much to say and no one to talk to about it so up it goes on the blog!
Awesome Thing #1: There’s no paint to set up. I can’t underestimate how amazing that is. And no tube of acrylic medium to step on to send a stream of liquid plastic across the furniture, walls, and cat in a nice parabolic arc. I will never step in ultramarine blue and spend an afternoon cleaning the carpet while cussing. Also, I can magically erase all my terrible mistakes. Friends, it is SWEET.
Awesome Thing #2: Photoshop becomes useable! This one should actually be first on the list with about eight drumrolls because Oh My God. I use Photoshop all the time and it is a laborious, anxiety-inducing time spiral of messing up and undoing every action repeatedly, forever. It doesn’t matter if I use a mouse or trackpad, they are both like driving a boat from the back seat using a long stick. And I suck at driving boats like that. The only actual way to do it is to sort of wedge the stick into the rear seat cushion to prop the wheel fairly straight and then pray to God you don’t steer into something that will kill you. But with a tablet, there are no boats at all. And no damn boat-control sticks. Just sweet, sweet drawing.
Awesome Thing #3: The brush is magic. Any attribute of a brush can be made to be pressure sensitive, so you can do things that aren’t really possible with anything else on earth…uh, brush-wise. For example, I have it set up now so that the harder I press on the pen, the more opaque the color becomes, whenever I want, in the same amount of effort that it takes to draw in the first place. It is just off-the-chart levels of bonkers how nice that is. I love my alien brushes.
Awesome Thing #4: It’s so fun and convenient that I feel like a five-year-old when it’s time to draw. IS IT TIME TO DRAW YET??

Slight negatives: There’s no paint. I know I just gushed about how great it is to not have to use paint, but I miss it anyway. It’s just so romantic. Also, the brushes in Photoshop don’t behave quite like real brushes, and adjusting all the settings gets a bit confusing. That, and Photoshop itself is still kind of a beast to wrap my head around, so not knowing how to do stuff takes up time in general. But… that’s pretty much it. The rest of the time it’s just chocolate kisses and kitten fluff, and tremendous songs that suddenly cue up in the background and suddenly the whole town is singing about my tablet.

Final Score: 705,660 points. And a round of beer.


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