Aw yeah I did a figure painting! Big thanks to Chuck for making me a list of great digital painting links. Watching a bunch of Daarken’s stuff really got me started in the right direction, and there’s so much more I can’t wait to check out, so thank you! For this figure study I decided to go for a loose, paint-y approach which I never would have pulled off on a real canvas because of all the mistakes I wouldn’t have been able to erase. I think next time I’ll try and get the background working a little more, with a bit more color variation. Right now it looks just a little too um… digital for my tastes, I guess. It’s close though. I just need more practice. On to the next thing!


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3 Responses to A FIGURE PAINTING

  1. Chuck says:

    So fab! I love the painterly approach, those big chunky highlights on her face & chest are ♥. I cracked up at the tablet rhapsodizing in the post before this, sounds just like me haha. One thing I need to improve my Photoshop painting workflow is a better color picker palette thing. Corel Painter has a nice system for this but Photoshop you have to find good color swatch sets, haven’t discovered one I like. If you see a good one, pass it along!

  2. invisichad says:

    Thanks Chuck! Yeah, I haven’t quite figured out the palette system yet, it’s a little cold and computery. One thing i’ve thought about doing is mixing a old fashioned oil paint color wheel and then just photographing it and using it as a basic color picker in another tab. I don’t know though if that would actually help or just be a lot of extra work though 😛 I think the biggest problem I have with Photoshop is organizing things how I actually want them. Finding the right colors and brushes take FOREVER because I just don’t have my presets figured out. I’ll let you know if i figure out a non-flailing system 🙂

  3. invisichad says:

    Hey they replaced my emoticons with smiley-faces dag-nabbit.

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