Monster Criteria

As cute as it is on fire

Required: Tusks, crocodile teeth, multiple eyes, and a lion body.

Bonus: Flaming tail.

This was a sketch I designed with one of my students who is way into monsters, and in this game you choose various criteria out of a hat. Here is the beastie in question, looking strangely adorable for something that is at least 20% flammable and would probably eat you without thinking twice.  I don’t know what to name this guy, but I’m starting to lean toward “fire-bull,” just because of the way the front foot looks so stamp-y.

I’d say it’d make a good video game monster only it’s so cute I wouldn’t really want to fight it. I kind of want to pat it on the head.

Overall Score: 7 out of 10 missing fingers


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1 Response to Monster Criteria

  1. HoppyBunny says:

    I love this monster! He kind of reminds me of an Om from Nausicaa, but more mammalian 🙂

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