On the heels of what I admitted was one of the worst drawings in my sketchbook and it’s subsequent makeover, I’ve already dug up something even worse, and by “dug up,” I mean “located on the same page.” So any theories about me drawing these left-handed or with my eyes closed or anything like that are right out the window, because they just get worse from left to right, until I clearly give up completely.

the best drawn bomb in the world

In case that sketch doesn’t read well, that is a bomb on a cliff. At least I think that’s what it is. The bomb is perhaps supposed to feel sadness at his impending demise but it just looks like he’s sad I drew him at all. I didn’t even care enough to erase the line going right through him, and why’s he on a cliff anyway? The answer to this question and many others is floating around inside an empty liquor bottle in some landfill by now, by the look of things. The good news about this one is that literally anything I do will be an improvement. Let’s see how it goes!
Estimated effort of original sketch: half a penny-farthing


Hey that cleaned up pretty nicely! The bomb is still kind of bummed about things, (He clearly doesn’t have as much control over his life as he would like) but has a contemplative quality now that wasn’t there in the original. In fact it sort of looks like he was placed on that mountaintop and then lit to explode just so someone could draw the face he’d make. Oh, the cruel and pointless things we do for art. Still, isn’t it good to face your own mortality every once in a while? (The answer is no. Make the bomb do it.)
Final Grade: B –
Impact on the Art World: 3 out of 5 Mona Lisas


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