Hooray, and welcome to my first Improve-a-Sketch post and also first blog post ever, in which I attempt to restore a (in this case) terrible and in-no-way-sober drawing found in one of my sketchbooks. Here is the drawing in question.

the best thing i've drawn, ever

Now I’m not sure there is much redemption for this as a piece of art but God help me I can at least try to make it a little better. I think the worst thing about this drawing is the all-too-familiar box shape I have attempted to draw around it, though there really isn’t anything about this that isn’t pathetic. I don’t remember drawing it, I don’t know why I drew it, and it is probably in the top 3 worst drawings that I for some reason haven’t thrown away and is still in my sketchbook. It is probably next to something better.
Estimated intoxication level at time of drawing: 7 out of 10


nothing about this isn't disgusting

Just look at all that color! Welcome to Oz, Dorothy, because this bug-thingy is slightly less horrible now. Note how in the original “sketch” the bug is genuinely disappointed in the way he has been drawn. That is probably the only redeeming factor there. In this new “reconceptualizing” I tried to make it look like it was chewing on a fly. That way it and the flies have some semblance of purpose. We call that “Illustration Know-How.” I added some splatter effects with a brush preset in the background. That way the whole scene is as filthy looking as possible so that you don’t look at it too long. I wanted to splatter some paint onto watercolor paper personally and photograph it for that I-Care-About-This look, but ran out of time/patience/room in the garage. My art school teachers would be so proud.
Score: 3 out of 10


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5 Responses to IMPROVE-A-SKETCH 1.0

  1. Hoppy Bunny says:

    I have a vague recollection of drunkenly daring you to draw something left-handed (probably to make me feel better about how bad my drunk lemons were coming out). This might have been what you did. I like it better now 🙂

  2. Chuck says:

    I love the bemused expression and the jaunty “uhh what?” set to the antennae. Heeee.

  3. Amy says:

    Welcome to Oz indeed, a lovely and disgusting beginning to a soon to be world famous blog! WE DEMAND MORE! MORE ART!

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